The Erasmus Mystery - Maurits Tompot & Ines van Bokhoven English version

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In this exciting novel you are taken to the world of Dirck Crabeth, famous stained-glass painter from Gouda. Soon after the devastating fire of the St. John’s Church in 1552, Dirck was summoned by Inquisitor Herman Lethmaet. He feared the worst because he was against the plans the city fathers had for rebuilding the church. But it wasn’t what he expected. The inquisitor, secretly a friend and admirer of Erasmus, is convinced of a still unknown booklet written by the deceased scholar, titled: Corpus Vitrearum. This document, with ideas for the new stained-glass windows for the St. John’s Church, must be hidden somewhere…Leth maet asks Dirck to find the booklet and use it’s ideas for the windows. With the help of a young monk Dirck starts his search. The assignment not only brings him in danger, but the consequences will split the city in conflict and betrayal… The story also makes clear the inseparable bond between Erasmus and the city of Gouda. Europe was in upheaval in the 16th century. It was a time of religious unrest. Philosophers within the Roman Catholic Church were open in their criticism of Roman theology. Others, like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Menno Simons, left the mother church at the beginning of the Reformation. Rome’s answer was repression by the feared inquisition. It was dangerous balancing, between personal ideas and the standpoint of Rome.

Maurits Tompot is since thirty years custodian of the John’s Church in Gouda. He gives lectures about the famous stained-Glass windows of the St. John all over the world. In this exciting novel he tells his secrets. Ines van Bokhoven is a writer with a special affinity for history.


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